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What We Do
What We Do

We create amazing partnerships!


We provide expertise and execution in on-site merchandising, customized souvenir apparel for sports competitions, festivals, corporate, and community events.


We create a personalized experience, working directly with event organizers to ensure that our product and graphic mix, best reflects each event. No two events are the same!

In essence, we bring your event and brand to life, without any risk or additional work, while generating revenue for your organization.


The Partnership
The Partnership

We work for you and your event(s). We lead the process but allow for your input and approval to ensure that your expectations are met along each step of the way.


Selection of Apparel Products


Our staff will assess the nature of your event, evaluating things like size, ages, levels, and genders to determine the various apparel pieces that will be made available.


Graphics Package


We will provide a mix of generic graphics, along with an event-specific logo that will look great and maximize sales.


Fundraising Opportunity


Once we receive and evaluate your event application we will propose a commission structure, based on a percentage of sales. Most events range from 10-20%.




You are not obligated to any minimum sales, product purchases, or inventory.


No Work Or Time Commitment From You!


Other than approvals and providing logistical information, there is absolutely no work or time requirements from your group. We do it all!


The Process
The Process

A turn-key, professional, partner-oriented merchandising company, maximizing the brand potential, customer experience, and fundraising opportunities at every event.


We review your application and propose a partnership agreement to you


Partnership agreement signed


Graphics specialist to design your event logo (if required)


All graphics, including the event logo approved by partner organization


Web store created for pre-event sales (30 days prior)


Logistics plan completed for onsite preparation


Onsite sales execution at your event


Post event online sales (30 days after)


Sales report and commission cheque mailed

What Makes Us Different
What Makes Us Different
  • We add increased reputation to your event

  • We offer event branding with free logo design/creation

  • We guarantee fundraising revenue to your organization

  • We make your event commemorative

  • We create a positive and inspirational atmosphere

  • We offer a large selection of souvenir apparel and artwork

  • We can personalize apparel with participant’s names, numbers, etc.

  • We can accommodate inside or outside events

  • We have a professional production team at your disposal

  • We provide professionally trained and flexible staff

  • We offer a risk-free partnership through our turnkey merchandising business

  • We guarantee a hassle-free experience

  • We are event managers, just like you

  • We are Canadian

  • We believe your success is our success


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