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Who Are We

We are a Canadian branding and apparel company that focuses on bringing pride, along with a sense of inclusion and accomplishment to events, schools, and companies.  


We are in the business of making you and your people look and feel great! 


Our Vision

To be a leading provider of branded apparel and souvenir items that make people feel great about their experiences, membership, and achievements.  

Our Mission

To be an important partner to schools, events, and companies across Canada, who are looking to bring their story to life through custom apparel, that best reflects their culture and brand.  

Whats Important to Us


We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and relationship management. We take the time to get to know your organization or event and propose the program that best matches your needs. 




We understand the importance of producing apparel items that stand out. 


We offer a wide range of products that are current and relevant for all ages and styles.  


Our apparel and logo variations allow you to fully customize your program and bring your ideas to life. The possibilities are endless! 




We believe that satisfaction is achieved through positive interactions, incredible service, and apparel that people are proud to wear!

We produce quality items that look and feel great. It’s that simple!



In our own small way, we are global stewards. We want to create a culture of sustainability and ensure that we employ the latest Eco-friendly technology and products available.


We have chosen to "green up" our mobile print shops and provide a safer, healthier work environment that also produces an ecofriendly

product for our customer. We achieve this the following ways:

  • Choose biodegradable, GREENGUARD certified inks

  • Work with sustainable fabric and product suppliers

  • Watch our waste

  • Recycle and manage excess

  • Reduce energy consumption through using state of the art press technology

We are committed to doing our best to minimize our impact on the environment by managing our environmental footprint. We believe in taking care of the little things, that ultimately add up, to make a big difference in the world we all live!


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